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Our brand building sets up the proper platform to activate your brand. We craft a targeted campaign to bring your brand to life by understanding the relationship your business needs to nurture your target market.  

We are the people behind your brand.

A brand is “what sticks in your mind associated with a product, service, or organization whether or not, at that particular moment, you bought or did not buy.” The objective of branding is to get people to know you, love you and trust you.

What is Branding?

Name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products .

Branding is much more than a logo…it’s what defines you in the eyes of the public and makes you more relevant than your competitors. There are many pieces that make up your brand identity, but each and every piece needs to bring them back to a recognition of who you are.

Brand designing helps in getting an impressive feel of your brand that connects your audience in an overwhelming way. Corporate brand designing is a new concept that works as a brand marketing tool allowing you to develop your business brand strategy and do branding yourself. Branding needs careful thinking process, idea creation, designing of elementary brand strategy that helps your business to communicate your true message.

Brand Development

Big Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

We offer wide range of specialized services that comprise of Branding, Web Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, Content Writing, Digital Marketing and Web Hosting. 

Our services are optimized and personalized according to our clients and customers; we have worked to assist them in designing and developing concrete marketing material for a company’s digital presence. 



Strategic Planning

Website Design / Development

Responsive Strategy / Design / Dev

Mobile Website and App Development

Social Media Strategy and Campaigns

Video, Motion Graphics

Email Marketing

Mobile Campaigns

Rich Media Advertising / Banner Ads

Database Management / Integration

E-commerce Solutions

Search Engine 

Search Engine 



Brand Evaluation

Brand Development

Positioning / Messaging

Product / Brand Ideation

Go To Market Strategy

Product Activation Campaigns

Market Research / Analysis

Integrated Marketing Plans

Environmental Design

TV Commercials / Radio

Business Planning / Consulting


Logo Design / Corporate Identity

Advertising / Media Strategy

Package Design

Product Design and Development

Direct Marketing

Collateral / Sales Materials Brochures Magazine / Newspaper

Point-of-Purchase Displays

Promotional Materials

Events / Tradeshows


Multimedia Presentations

Product Development

Sanlop Group has been serving inventors and innovators for over 10 years. We start with TV where the customer decides the winners.  

We are specialists in creating new brands and designing impactful trial-driving packaging. We use our expertise to create memorable names, identities, and product communication in all categories and channels.

Our TV successes then quickly move on to intensive internet, catalog, and retail distribution, all based on all the huge TV awareness we generate.

We have years of experience in the Hispanic TV direct response industry,


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